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Snoqualmie Garage Doors | Are you neglecting your garage door?

The top garage door manufacturers say you should do routine service and check ups on your garage door a minimum of twice a year. Let’s be real, you probably don’t do that. If you are lucky you do it once a year. But if you are like a large portion of the population you only ever pay attention to your garage door when it starts giving you problems. At this point it might be too late to do a simple fix and you might have to pay for large repairs.

If you do these routine checks on the door you will easily catch any issue before it causes more problems and it will typically be pretty easy and cheap to fix at that point. It is when you neglect the door and a problem arises and then starts to cause other problems with the door that the repairs become extremely expensive. So, don’t wait…have someone out today to check on your garage door!

Snoqalmie Garage Doors | It’s not you, it’s the garage door

Have you noticed lately that your garage door isn’t working right? It’s making strange noises or lifting and lowering unevenly? Trust us when we say it isn’t your fault, it’s the garage door’s fault…but it might be time to break up with your current garage door. If you are having these sorts of issues with the garage door it doesn’t always indicate that you will need to replace the whole door it may just need some maintenance or repair work.

A well trained and experienced technician will be able to quickly and easily assess exactly what needs to be done with your garage door in order to make it work like new again, so if you notice anything off about your garage door call a professional right away!

Snoqualmie Garage Doors | Garage Door Tests– What and Why

Has your garage door been put through it’s paces and tested lately?  Did you even know that you should have your garage door tested?  Did you know you have a garage door?  Did you know that you’re alive?

. . . Deep.

Anyway, there’s an important test called a “Force & Reverse” test that is used to determine whether or not your garage door is a killing machine or a gentle giant.  It’s simple–  A small object is placed in the path of your garage door.  If your garage door keeps moving after making contact, you have a serious problem on your hands–  If your garage door moves in reverse to prevent damage, then you’re all set!  This is a part of standard garage door maintenance when it’s performed by professionals, and should be done regularly.  So I ask again:  Has your garage door been tested lately?

Snoqualmie Garage Doors | Garage Door Do’s and Don’ts

Do treat your garage door like a welcome member of the family. Always pamper it and give it lots of attention.

Don’t treat your garage door like the doormat of your property. Never pelt it with pucks, even if it does make the greatest goal line ever.

Do report any garage mishaps, dings or dents to the head of the household immediately, to avoid much worse damage down the road.

Don’t use your garage as the junk drawer of your house. Never store fireworks and live ammunition on the same side of the garage.

Do let a professional garage door technician examine your whole system once or twice a year. Always be aware of changes to your garage door movement and sounds.

Don’t let your cousin Marvin ride your garage door like a freight elevator. Never try to power your garage door using a hamster wheel.

Do call Snoqualmie Garage Doors at the first sign of garage door trouble, because your garage door will not fix itself.

Don’t have your friend, your relative, your neighbor or your handyman fiddle with your garage door mechanism. Never use the Two Guys From Enumclaw Garage Door & Gun Cleaning Service.

Snoqualmie Garage Doors | Why Sensor Beams Are So Important to Garage Door Safety

If you do a google search for “garage door crushes child” you will be bombarded with story after story of children who have been crushed by garage doors and died.

Did you know the average garage door weights between 150 and 250 pounds? Your garage door is the largest moving object in your home and can be very dangerous. Because of the dangers associated with garage doors, in 1993, the Consumer Product Safety Commission began requiring all garage doors to have external entrapment protection systems.

What are Sensor Beams

These systems have evolved into the sensor beams that we see on most garage doors today. These sensor beams act as electric eyes and detect objects under the garage door. These sensor beams are usually located 4 to 6 inches from the floor. One sensor will be placed on either side of the door. When an object comes between the sensors, the garage door will stop and often reverse directions to prevent the object from being crushed.

Make Sure the Sensor Beams are Working Properly

These sensor beams have saved countless children and pets from being crushed by garage doors, however, there are still children (and adults) and pets who get crushed by garage doors due to faulty sensors. It is important to test your sensors monthly to make sure they are functioning properly. Never put yourself under the garage door to test the safety sensors. Instead to test the sensor beams, use a long piece of wood like a two by four. Press the button on your garage door opener to close the door. As the door is closing, place the piece of wood in front of the sensor beam. The door should stop moving and go back up.

If your safety beams are not working properly, clean the sensors and check for proper alignment. If after making these adjustments your garage door sensors are still not working properly contact your garage door repair company as soon as possible to fix the problem.

What if You Don’t Have Sensor Beams

If you don’t have sensor beams on your garage door, it is important that you upgrade your garage door opener to a model that does have these safety features. By doing so you will be protecting children and pets from the potential hazards of being crushed your garage door.

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