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Snoqualmie Garage Doors | Garage Door Tests– What and Why

Has your garage door been put through it’s paces and tested lately?  Did you even know that you should have your garage door tested?  Did you know you have a garage door?  Did you know that you’re alive?

. . . Deep.

Anyway, there’s an important test called a “Force & Reverse” test that is used to determine whether or not your garage door is a killing machine or a gentle giant.  It’s simple–  A small object is placed in the path of your garage door.  If your garage door keeps moving after making contact, you have a serious problem on your hands–  If your garage door moves in reverse to prevent damage, then you’re all set!  This is a part of standard garage door maintenance when it’s performed by professionals, and should be done regularly.  So I ask again:  Has your garage door been tested lately?

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